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Education & Outreach

GIPSA makes available to the public a variety of educational materials, merchandise, and services. GIPSA frequently hosts international marketing groups and foreign trade teams and provides targeted educational materials and services to meet the specific requirements of our international customers. GIPSA also works with domestic grain firms and trade organizations to provide technical training targeted to the domestic grain trades needs.

Visual Reference Images

GIPSA has developed interactive eLearning content for training inspectors and grain industry professionals. We also have training content in video format on our Video Library page.

FGIS Grain Inspection Orientation

These courses provide an in-depth overview of the Federal Grain Inspection Service, the U.S. Grain Standards and the U.S. grain marketing and inspection system. Whether you need to develop new knowledge or just want an update to stay aware of the current shape of the grain industry, this course will explain in detail how the U.S. grain-inspection and marketing system works. The content is also available in video format on our Video Library page.

Grain Grading Tutorials

These courses review the official USDA procedures for inspecting standardized grains and rice.  The tutorials are also available in video format on our on our Video Library page.

Grain Grading Study Questions

These applications are an electronic form of training "Flash Cards" which will aid new inspectors in learning the terms, procedures, and requirements of grading presented in the Grain Grading Tutorials and the Grain Inspection Handbook (Book II Grain Grading Procedures).

Inspector Calibration Trainers

Inspector Calibration Trainers are used by inspectors to fine tune their implementation of the VRI and other skills such as grain classification. These online tools, used in combination with hands-on-training, will help inspectors improve their accuracy.

Introduction to Grain Elevators

PDF Brochures

GIPSA offers a variety of educational brochures in PDF format on our Federal Grain Inspection Services Reports and Publications page . All materials are "public domain" and may be freely duplicated and distributed in their original form.

Other Educational Links