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Official inspections result in the issuance of official certificates. Certificates report the grade of the grain inspected based on characteristics such as test weight, moisture, cleanliness, and damage. Certificates are issued for the various grains for which standards exist under the U.S. Grain Standards Act, as amended, and for rice, pulses, and miscellaneous processed commodities covered by Part 68 of the regulations under the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946, as amended.

Certificates are the final product in the chain of official inspection services. They document the official procedures followed; date, location of the inspection or weighing process, and provide specific service results factor-by-factor or by service requested.

GIPSA continues to modernize its grain inspection and weighing business information systems to better meet the needs of its customers. In 2007, GIPSA will deploy a new certificate program. The new certification program will issue redesigned inspection and weighing certificates that are standardized in design, color, and size to make them more identifiable as official documents and easier to print.

Types of Certificates
  • Official Export Inspection Certificate: mandatory export grain inspection.
  • Official Grain Weight Certificate: mandatory export grain weighing.
  • Official Sample-Lot Inspection: domestic grain lots.
  • Warehouseman's Sample-Lot Inspection: sampled using official procedures by elevator employees licensed by GIPSA, but inspected by official personnel.
  • Submitted Sample Inspection: grain samples submitted by the applicant to official personnel for inspection.
  • Official Stowage Examination Certificate: certifies results of an official stowage examination for grain, rice, or commodities.
  • Commodity Inspection Certificate: domestic and export graded and processed commodities.
  • Commodity Weight Certificate: domestic and export graded and processed commodities.
  • Commodity Submitted Sample Inspection: commodity samples submitted by the applicant to official personnel for inspection.
  • Rice Inspection Services Certificate: domestic and export rice inspection.
  • Official Commercial Sample Lot Inspection: when an applicant requests sample-lot services with modified procedures to accommodate the applicant's needs, however, sampling services by official are provided, e.g., using an open-throated probe versus a compartmented probe (speed of sampling).
  • Official Commercial Submitted Sample Inspection: same as previous with applicants sampling the lots themselves.
  • Supervision of Grain Weight Certificate: approved elevator weighing personnel using approved equipment and official procedures for domestic grain weighing.