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Laws & Regulations

PLEASE NOTE: The links below for the USGSA, Regulations Part 800, Part 801, Part 802, Part 810 and the AMA, Regulation Part 868 have been pointed back to the 'Official' site at

Federal Grain Inspection Service

United States Grain Standards Act (As Amended)

Regulations under the United States Grain Standards Act

  • Part 800 - General regulations
  • Part 801 - Official performance requirements for grain inspection equipment
  • Part 802 - Official performance and procedural requirements for grain weighing equipment and related grain handling systems
  • Part 810 - Official United States standards for grain

Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 (As Amended)

Regulations under the Agricultural Marketing Act

  • Part 868 - General regulations and standards for certain agricultural commodities

Packers and Stockyards Program

Packers & Stockyards Act, 1921, As Amended

Regulations Under the Packers & Stockyards Act

  • Part 201 - Regulations Under the Packers & Stockyards Act
  • Part 203 - Statements of General Policy Issued Under The Packers & Stockyards Act
  • Part 206 - Swine Contract Library

Section 1324, Food Security Act of 1985

Regulations Under the Food Security Act

  • Part 205 - Clear Title - Protection for Purchasers of Farm Products
  • Clear Title Notices of Certified Central Filing Systems by state and product.