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Adzuki Bean
Alubia Beans
Baby Lima Beans
Blackeye Peas (Beans)
Black Beans
Black Matte Bean
Brown Speckled Lima Beans
Calico Lima Beans
Cannellini Beans
Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)
Chickpeas (Black Desi)
Chickpeas (Desi)
Chickpea (Green Desi Khana)
Chickpea (Kubuli Khana)
Cowpea Beans
Cranberry Beans
Dark Red Kidney Beans
Fava Beans
Flageolet Beans
Flat Small White Beans
Fordhook Lima Beans
Garden Beans
Great Northern Beans
Jackson Wonder Lima Beans
Large Lima Beans
Large Lupin Beans
Light Red Kidney Beans
Lupin Beans
Maicoba Beans
Marrow Beans
Mung Bean
Pea Beans
Pink Beans
Pinto Beans
Small Red Beans
Small White Beans
Split Chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)
Swedish Brown Beans
Thorogreen Lima Beans
Violet Blackeye Beans
White Kidney Beans
Yelloweye Beans
Black Barley
Black Oats
Blue Corn (Maize)
Brown Rice
Cultivated Buckwheat
Durum Wheat
Grey Oats
Grain Sorghum
Hard White Wheat
Hard Red Spring Wheat
Hard Red Winter Wheat
Hullness Barley
Milled Rice
Ornamental Corn (Maize)
Red Oats
Rough Rice
Six-Row Malted Barley
Soft Red Winter Wheat
Sweet Corn Seed (Maize)
Soft White Wheat
Two-Row Malted Barley
White Dent Corn
White Oats
White Grain Sorghum
Wild Rice
Yellow Dent Corn (Maize)
Lentils (Athena)
Lentil (Beluga)
Lentil (Blaze Red)
Lentil (Crimson)
Lentil (Eston)
Lentil (French Green)
Lentil (Mason)
Lentil (Merrit)
Lentil (Milestone)
Lentil (Morton)
Lentil (Palouse)
Lentil (Pardina)
Lentil (Pennel)
Lentil (Redberry)
Lentil (Red Chief)
Lentil (Richlea)
Lentil (Robbins)
Lentil (Shasta)
Brown Mustard Seed
Canola (Onyx)
Flaxseed (Brown)
Flaxseed (Golden)
Oriental Mustard Seed
Soybean (Large)
Soybean (Small Type)
Soybean (Typical)
Sunflower Seed (Confectionery)
Sunflower Seed (Oil)
Yellow Mustard Seed
Austrian Winter Peas
Brown Pod Peas
Green Peas
Green Split Peas
Maple Field Peas
Marrowfat Peas
Yellow Peas
Yellow Pod Peas
Yellow Split Peas
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Aflatoxin Handbook
Bean Inspection Handbook
DON (Vomitoxin) Handbook
Equipment Handbook
Fumigation Handbook
Grain Inspection Handbook - Book I Grain Sampling
Grain Inspection Handbook - Book II Grain Grading Procedure
Grain Inspection Handbook - Book III Inspection Procedures
Grain Inspection Handbook - Book IV Forms and Certificates
Hop Inspection Handbook
Mechanical Sampling Systems Handbook
Moisture Handbook
Near Infrared Transmittance (NIRT) Handbook
NMR Handbook
Pea and Lentil Handbook
Processed Commodities Handbook
Rice Inspection Handbook
Sanitation Inspection Handbook
Weighing Inspection Handbook
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Blight Damage
Mold Damage
Injured-By-Frost Damage
Frost Damage
Germ Damage
Injured By Heat
Heat Damage
Weevil or Insect Bored
Injured By Mold
Sprout Damage
Skinned Broken
Two-Rowed & Six-Rowed
Badly Damage
Nightshade Damage
Water Blistered Damage
Water Blistered Damage (Pink Beans)
Dirt/Grim Damaged (Pieces)
Internal Respiration Damage
Machine Damage
Weevil Borded (Clean-Cut)
Visible Window Damage (Weevil)
Dirt and Grime Pea Beans (Not Damage)
Dirt and Grime Damage (Other Than Pea Beans)
Frost Damage
Green Damage (Chickpea)
Insect Stung Damage (Blackeye)
Insect Stung (Other Beans)
Insect Stung Damage (White Beans)
Insect Webbing or Filth
Worm Eaten Damage
Mold Damage
Mold Damage (Pink/Brown)
Surface Mold/Mildew (Garbanzo)
Granary Weevil
Warehouse, Cocoa, or Tobacco Moth
Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle
Rusty Grain Beetle
Red/Confused Flour Beetle
Yellow and Dark Meal Worm Beetle
Kharpra Beetle
Carpet Beetle
Black Carpet Beetle
Rice Weevil
Cigarette Beetle
Drugstore Beetle
Dried Bean Beetle
Vetch Bruchid
Maize Weevil
Warehouse Pirate Bug
Flat Grain Beetle
Lesser Grain Borer
Larger Grain Borer
Angouimois Grain Moth
Rice Moth
Indian Meal Moth
Mediterranean Flour (Mill) Moth
Distinctly Green
Other Damage
Sprout Damage
Blue-Eye Mold Damage
Surface Mold (Blight)
Surface Mold (More Than Slight)
Cob Rot Damage
Drier Damage
Germ Damage
Heat Damage (Drier)
Heat Damage (Yellow)
Insect Damage
Mold Damage
Mold (Pink Epicoccum)
Silk Cut
Sprout Damage
Corn Flood Damage
Corn of Other Colors
(Mixed Corn (More Than Slight Tinge-Pink)
Waxy & Non Waxy
Stress Cracks
Stress Cracks
Wings Damage
Damage by Heat
Insect Stung Damage
Blight (Ascochyta) Damage
Frost Damage
Heat Damage
Damage by Heat
Mold Damage
Sprout Damage
Skinned Damage
Dirt / Grime
Len-Pardina Fair Color (Non-Uniform)
Len-Pardina Fair Color (Uniform)
Len-Pardina Good Color (Non-Uniform)
Len-Pardina Good Color (Uniform)
Len-Regular Fair Color (Non-Uniform)
Len-Regular Fair Color (Uniform)
Len-Regular Good Color (Non-Uniform)
Len-Regular Good Color (Uniform)
Badly Ground and/or Weather Damage
Weather Damaged (Stained)
Germ Damage (Sick and/or Mold)
Mold Damage
Heat Damage
Insect Damage
Sprout Damage
Materially Weathered
Slightly Weathered
Animal Filth
Castor Bean
Cob Joint
Cocklebur,Yellow Star Thistle, Etc.
Cotton Seed
Crotalaria & Velvet Leaf Seeds
Cultivated Buckwheat
Fertilizer (FSUB)
Flint & Dent Corn
Garlic Bulbs
Hulless Barley
Polished Wheat
Poulard Wheat
Ragweed Seed
Rice Types
Smut Balls
Sunflower Seed
Wild Brome Grass Seeds
Wild Buckwheat and Similar Seeds
Wild Oats
Damage (Chalky)
Damage (Dirt/Grime)
Heat Damage
Damage by Heat
Mold Damage
Sprout Damage
Weevil Damage
Weevil Damage (Cavity)
Weevil Damage (Sting)
Frost Damage
Bleached (Green Peas)
Bleached (Yellow Peas)
Cracked Seed Coats
Stained (Green)
Stained (Yellow)
Whole Dry Pea
Shriveled (Smooth)
Shriveled (Wrinkled)
Bacterium/Fungal Stain
Weather Damage
Smooth Yellow Dry Peas (Good Color)
Smooth Yellow Dry Peas (Fair Color)
Objectionable Seeds
Non-Objectionable Seeds
Heat Damage
Damage by Heat (Stain)
Lightly Stained (Not Damage)
Pecky Kernels Damage
Water, Stain & Peck Damage (Glutinous)
Smut Damage
Chalky Kernels
Dark Gray
Hard Milled
Light Gray
Reasonably Well Milled
Slightly Gray
Slightly Rosy
Reasonably Well Milled
Germ Damage (Sick and/or Mold)
Sprout Damage
Exposed Germ in Sound Rye (Not Sprout)
A. Insect Chewed & B. Sprout Sockets
Weevil or Insect Bored
Other Damage
Badly Ground and/or Weathered
Germ Damage (Bleach Method)
Ground and/or Weather Damage
Heat Damage
Insect Bored Damage
Mold Damage
Mold Damage (Internal Mold)
Sprout Damage
Split Germs (Sound Kernels)
Purple Pigment Damage
Tannin Sorghum (Bleached)
Badly Weathered (Sorghum, Tannin)
Badly Weathered (Sorghum, Tannin, White)
Badly Weathered (White)
Distinctly Discolored (Sorghum, Tannin)
Distinctly Discolored (Sorghum, Tannin, White)
Distinctly Discolored (White)
Non-Grain Sorghum
White Sorghum
Badly Ground and/or Weather Damage
Weather Damage (Gray/Black)
Stinkbug or Insect Stung Kernels
Soybeans of Other Colors
Shriveled and Wrinkled
Damaged by Heat
Green Damage
Frost Damage (Waxy)
Heat Damage (Mat. Damage/Heating)
Immature (Wafer)
Insect Bored Kernels
Mold Damage
Mold Damage (Pink)
Sprout Damage
White Hilum
Mottled or Stained (Fungus)
Mottled or Stained (Pokeberry)
Mottled or Stained (Dirt)
Damage by Heat
Black Tip Damage (Fungus)
Scab Damage
Frost Damage (Candied)
Frost Damage (Discolored Black/Brown)
Frost Damage (Flaked)
Mold Damage
Germ Damage (Bleach Method)
Green Damage
Heat Damage
Other Damage (Mold)
Sprout Damage
Weevil or Insect-Bored
Insect Chewed Wheat (But not Damaged)
Hard White Wheat Color
Unknown for. Sub. (Pink Wheat)
Threshed & Unthreshed Kernels
Tagged Ends (SMUT) Red
Tagged Ends (Smut) White
Standards & Procedures
Collapse Programs & ServicesPrograms & Services
Pesticide Residues
Collapse BiotechnologyBiotechnology
Grading Procedures
Moisture Measurement
Collapse International ServicesInternational Services
Exporting Grain
Market Documents
Collapse Grain QualityGrain Quality
Market Documents - Letterhead
Research & Development
Collapse Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance
Checktest Programs
Collapse Inspection & Weighing ServicesInspection & Weighing Services
Stowage Examinations
Collapse Inspection ServicesInspection Services
Wheat Protein
Tests for Grading & Quality Factors
Official Commercial Inspection Services
Rice Standards & Inspection Services
US Standards
Collapse Weighing ServicesWeighing Services
Official Weighing System
Systema Oficial
Test Kit Evaluation
Collapse Official Service ProvidersOfficial Service Providers
Official Service Providers Listing
Becoming an Official Service Providers
Cooperative Agreements
National Exception Program
Memoradums of Understanding
Grain Handling Practices
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PSD Offices
USDA/DOJ Public Workshops on Competition
Information for Livestock Producers and Firms
Livestock and Poultry Growing Contracts
Information for Poultry Growers and Firms
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Swine Contract Library FAQ
PSD Publications
PSD Publications
PSD Publications
PSD Publications
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PSD Dealers
PSD Markets
PSD Bonded Packers
Live Poultry Dealers
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Swine Contractor - FAQ's
Swine Contractor Provision
Collapse Rights and ProtectionRights and Protection
Livestock Trust Provision
Live Poultry Growers' Trust Provision
Payment Protection
Scales and Weighing
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