Advisory Committee

The Grain Inspection Advisory Committee meets twice annually to advise GIPSA on the programs and services it delivers under the U.S. Grain Standards Act. Recommendations by the committee help GIPSA to better meet the needs of its customers who operate in a dynamic and changing marketplace.

The committee is comprised of 15 members appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture who represent all segments of the grain industry. They include grain producers, processors, merchandisers, handlers, exporters, consumers, grain inspection agencies, and scientists. Committee members serve without compensation, but are reimbursed for travel expenses.

Membership Nominations Form

Typically, GIPSA solicits nominations each fall via a Federal Register notice.

Advisory Committee Members


Archived Meeting Minutes

Year First Meeting Second Meeting
2016 May (PDF; 17Kb)  
2015 April (PDF; 17Kb) October (PDF; 17Kb)
2014 July (PDF; 17Kb) November (PDF; 17Kb)
2013 June (PDF; 5227Kb) No Meeting
2012 No Meeting No Meeting
2011 June (PDF; 5227Kb) December (PDF; 109Kb)
2010 June (PDF; 3522Kb) November (PDF; 2038Kb)
2009 June (PDF; 2290Kb) November (PDF; 2531Kb)
2008 May (PDF; 2008Kb) December (PDF; 6555Kb)
2007 June (PDF; 56Kb) November (PDF; 1268Kb)
2006 June (PDF; 181Kb) December (PDF; 78Kb)
2005 May (PDF; 55Kb) November (PDF; 70Kb)
2004 May (PDF; 64Kb) November* (PDF; 45Kb)
2003 June (PDF; 58Kb) November (PDF; 64Kb)
2002 May (PDF; 40Kb) October (PDF; 118Kb)
2001 May (PDF; 54Kb) December (PDF; 49Kb)
2000 May (PDF; 46Kb) November (PDF; 69Kb)
1999 May (PDF; 34Kb) October (PDF; 45Kb)
1998 November (PDF; 53Kb)


USDA Regulation, "Grain Inspection Advisory Committee" (PDF; 97Kb)