Virtual Reality Models

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The 3-D model and the gate test use VRML, version 2.0. VRML is the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, a standard file format to display 3D models on the web. The current version of VRML is referred to as VRML 2.0 or VRML97.

The most common way to display, show, navigate, browse, play, or view VRML files, models, or worlds (.wrl file extension) is with a VRML plugin, also known as a VRML viewer, player, browser, reader, add-on, client, toolkit, program, software, or ActiveX control. You must download and install the VRML plugin in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or other browser.

The models above have been tested for proper operation with the Cortona(TM) VRML viewer running as a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.