Verification Services

The USDA Verification Programs (VP) are designed to provide independent verification that special processes or marketing claims are clearly defined and verified by an independent third party. The VP are voluntary, user-fee, audit-based programs available to suppliers of agricultural products and services.

General GIPSA policies and procedures related to the VP are outlined in:

FGIS Directive 9180.79

The VP is comprised of:

For More Information

  • Contact the Agricultural Marketing Service, Audit, Review, and Compliance Branch at:

    USDA, AMS, LS, ARC Branch
    100 Riverside Parkway, Suite 135
    Fredericksburg, VA 22406
    email to, or via fax to 202-690-1038
  • Process Verified Program brochure (PDF; 41Kb)
  • Training
  • Federal Register Notice: Facilitating the Marketing of U.S. Agricultural Products with New Testing and Process Verification Services (08/06/02) (PDF; 40Kb)