Directive & Notices

Every customer of the official grain inspection and weighing system, wherever they are located, receives consistent, accurate service. That's because every official service provider operates under uniform standards and procedure that are communicate to all official system partners through issuances called directives and notices.

Overview Of Directive System

  • Internet Access
  • Maintenance Aids
  • Address Change or Change in Number of Issuances
  • Issuances Not Received
  • Listing of Sections in the FGIS Directives Systems

Program Directives

Program Directives provide detailed instructions and procedures for performing various analyses and inspection functions on grain and commodities.

Administrative Directives

Administrative directives provide detailed instructions and procedures for administrative functions and programs.

TOC Program / Administrative Directives

Table of contents for Program Directives and Administrative Directives

Program Notices

Program notices are short term notices that transmit policies and/or procedures about grain and commodity inspection and weighing programs.

TOC Program Notices

Table of contents for Program Notices