Programs and Services

FGIS Online

A portfolio of online business applications that will change the way FGIS does business, and bring official inspection and weighing to the desktop. These online business services will improve internal business operations and better serve the customers of the official grain inspection and weighing service.

Official U.S. Standards

Official inspections of grains, oilseeds, and other agricultural and processed commodities are based on established official U.S. standards, and on sound, proven, and standardized procedures, techniques, and equipment. This ensures consistency of test results and services, from elevator to elevator and state to state.

Inspection and Weighing Services

Provides a variety of inspection, weighing, and related services on grains, pulses, oilseeds, and processed and graded commodities. Our programs and services facilitate the marketing of America's grain in domestic and international markets.

Visual Reference Library

Visual Reference Images (VRI) are used to ensure consistent and uniform application of grading lines and illustrate types of damage in conjunction with written descriptions. The visual grading aids system represents the foundation for the national inspection system's subjective quality control program, providing an effective management tool for aligning inspectors and assisting them in making proper and consistent subjective grading decisions. The system consists of a series of commodity specific VRI and descriptive text which, with regular use, controls and diminishes the impact of ordinary perceptional differences.

International Services

FGIS offers international assistance programs that keep America's grain flowing to our international customers.

Advisory Committee

The FGIS Advisory Committee meets twice annually to advise on the programs and services it delivers under the U.S. Grain Standards Act. Recommendations by the committee help FGIS to better meet the needs of its customers who operate in a dynamic and changing marketplace.

P &SP Regulated Entities

Listings of Registered and Bonded Market Agencies Selling Livestock on Commission, Registered and Bonded Market Agencies Buying on Commission and Dealers, Bonded Packers, and Live Poultry Dealers

P &SP Expired Entities

National Listing of Entities whose Registration has Expired under the Packers and Stockyards Act


Database of Selling on Commission Markets Tariffs

Swine Contract Library

Database of the Swine Production Contracts Provisions of the Packers and Stockyards Act

P&SP Forms

Listing of Forms and Instructions

P&SP Brochures

Listing of Packers and Stockyards Brochures

P&SP Annual Reports

Listing of Packer and Stockyard Annual Reports

FGIS Forms

Listing of Federal Grain Inspections Service Forms

FGIS Brochures

Listing of Federal Grain Inspection Service Brochures

FGIS Reports

Listing of Federal Grain Inspection Service Reports

Laws and Regulations

Provides a list of GIPSA Acts and Regulations.

FGIS Directives

Complete listing of FGIS Directives.

FGIS Program Notices

Complete listing of Program Notices.