Enforcement Actions - 2008

GIPSA issues a formal complaint, alleging specific violations, against a firm or individual when it initiates administrative legal action. The formal complaint is filed with the USDA Hearing Clerk's office and served on each accused party, known as a respondent.

Each respondent has a right to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to rebut the charges brought in the complaint. The alleged charges may or may not be proven. Unless the formal complaint is withdrawn, it will be resolved by the issuance of a decision signed by an ALJ. The decision will include the ALJ`s opinion about whether the alleged charges were proven and an order.

The table below lists the formal complaints docketed and related decisions issued for the current fiscal year.

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Records - of



Docket Number

Complaint Filed

Decision/Dismissal Filed

Gary W. Jones TX D-08-0013 11/07/07
(PDF; 91Kb)
(PDF; 148Kb)
Lamar Delmas MS D-08-0014   11/17/09
(PDF; 108Kb)
Joe W. Cooper TX D-08-0017   12/28/07
(PDF; 114Kb)
Welch Livestock Market, Inc. NY D-08-0018   05/08/08
(PDF; 100Kb)
D.A. Upton NM D-08-0034 12/17/07
(PDF; 121Kb)
(PDF; 101Kb)
R. Robert Lamb, Respondent IN D-08-0035 12/17/07
(PDF; 166Kb)
(PDF; 458Kb)
National Beef Packing Company, LLC MO D-08-0038 12/20/07
(PDF; 218Kb)
(PDF; 84Kb)
Michael E. Julian, d/b/a Cameron Livestock Sales MO D-08-0040 12/31/07
(PDF; 160Kb)
(PDF; 124Kb)
Triple K Cattle Dealers, Inc. and George N. Kittle NY D-08-0041   07/18/08
(PDF; 120Kb)
Peter Congelosi NY D-08-0046   08/05/08
(PDF; 137Kb)
Cornbelt Beef Corporation MI D-08-0057   05/27/08
(PDF; 118Kb)
Muenster Livestock Auction Commission, Inc., and Ronnie Austin TX D-08-0059   03/25/09
(PDF; 234Kb)
Charles Rickey Johnson KY D-08-0063 02/20/08
(PDF; 185Kb)
(PDF; 122Kb)
Hanson and Morgan Livestock, Inc., d/b/a Greenbrier Valley Livestock Market, and W. Dean Hanson VA D-08-0067 10/20/08
(PDF; 141Kb)
Newman Livestock, Inc. CA D-08-0061 02/14/08
(PDF; 128Kb)
Gary D. Fulton d/b/a/ Duncan Farms IL D-08-0081   10/19/09
(PDF; 821Kb)
Evans & Evans Farms, Inc., a/k/a Evans and Evans, Inc., and Peterson Farms, Inc. AR D-08-0082   10/09/08
(PDF; 149Kb)
Fortner Livestock, Inc., and Otis Lewis Fortner GA D-08-0086   05/22/08
(PDF; 155Kb)
Kelly Cattle Co., Inc., d/b/a Wright County Livestock Auction MO D-08-0087   08/05/08
(PDF; 114Kb)
John Carl Stephens dba Westbound Livestock FL D-08-0092   05/30/08
(PDF; 118Kb)
Doyle Harms d.b.a. Harms Livestock SD D-08-0100   09/18/08
(PDF; 106Kb)
Valley Stockyards, Inc.,Robert C. Elliot, and Melissa J. Elliot PA D-08-0117 05/09/08
(PDF; 191Kb)
(PDF; 553Kb)
Donald W. Hallmark and Donald R. Hallmark d/b/a Hallmark Meat Packing Company CA D-08-0104   06/23/09
(PDF; 145Kb)
Jimmy Hughes TX D-08-0109   06/11/08
(PDF; 102Kb)
Premium Gold Foods, LLC TX D-08-0123   04/09/09
(PDF; 129Kb)
Thomas H. McElwee dba Shippensburg Cownet PA D-08-0127   01/27/10
(PDF; 1518Kb)
John Rife, Respondent KS D-08-0020 11/19/07
(PDF; 162Kb)
(PDF; 228Kb)
John Connery and Mississippi Livestock, Inc, Respondents IL D-08-0023 11/27/07
(PDF; 248Kb)
(PDF; 248Kb)
John (Jack) W. McGuinness, Respondent MT D-08-0024 11/27/2007
(PDF; 219Kb)
(PDF; 229Kb)
Donald D. Baker Cattle Company, LLC and Donald D. Baker VA D-08-0133   05/11/09
(PDF; 118Kb)
Mahan Packing Company, Inc. OH D-08-0138   07/08/08
(PDF; 104Kb)
Swift and Company d/b/a Swift Beef Company CO D-08-0141 06/18/08
(PDF; 105Kb)
(PDF; 123Kb)
Valley Stockyards, Inc.,Robert C. Elliot, and Melissa J. Elliot PA D-08-0140 06/13/08
(PDF; 189Kb)
McAndrews Livestock Company, Inc., and John McAndrews IA D-08-0142   10/07/09
(PDF; 135Kb)
Joseph Frank Haun   D-08-0143   04/15/09
(PDF; 41Kb)
Steve Rose MO D-08-0158   10/27/08
(PDF; 115Kb)
Steve M. Hand, d/b/a Steve Hand Cattle Company GA D-08-0160   01/13/09
(PDF; 602Kb)
Lee Johnson   D-08-0165   04/15/09
(PDF; 40Kb)
Joe Barkdull and Larry Spegal dba Knightstown Livestock Auction IN D-08-0186   06/25/10
(PDF; 1979Kb)
North Star Beef, Inc., and William Gilger MN D-08-0190   10/22/09
(PDF; 122Kb)
Johnny Slover TX D-08-0192   10/27/09
(PDF; 47Kb)
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