Visual Reference Library - Lentils

Image: lentilinsectstung.jpg
Alt Text:
Lentils that have been stung by insects where the damage is distinct and extends into the cotyledon.
Lentil A: Weevil Damage. Lentils containing small “pinhole” entrance holes or larger circular exit holes (shown) are considered weevil damage.
Lentil B: Insect Damage. Stings from other insect pests (e.g. Lygus Bug) are less pronounced, but significant enough to function as damage.
Lentil C/D: Chalky Spot. Pitted, discolored, crater-like depressions in the seed coat (C) must be scraped to confirm the damage extends into the cotyledon, leaving a chalky appearance equal to the minimum size shown (D).

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Last updated December 2016